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Is this O.K. with you?

I wouldn't say no.

14 February
'Sup. I'm Hyou.

(And also thefulcrum gets all my internet cookies.)
amaya, being d'casciel, being himoto now too, being petted, big cities, bouncies, bright lights, burgers, caelum, cassie, cats, clothes, clubs, dancing, darkness, emmy, fire, flirting with everyone, floaty fabrics, food, friends, glitter!, jewelry, junk food, kage, kitties, making cassie annoyed, masochism, milkshakes, music, my kids, nap time, nexusites, panthers, parties, people watching, piercings, pizza, pouncing, pretties bitch, purring, questions-that-are-none-of-my-damned-business, ripping pretties to shreds, sex, sparklies, stalking, submission, tattoos, the word fuck, those silly aristans, were-creatures, zhilbar